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1215 Jordan Street, North Liberty, IA 52317

Pastor Tom and Mrs. Emily Gibson

If you and/or your children are in the North Liberty area and would 

like a ride to church please call 319 626-2904

Nursery - Ages 3 and Under

Love - The nursery, led by caring volunteers, is worked by several ladies of NLBC. These ladies have a heart for these precious little ones and it is evident in the organization and love put into this wonderful program. We have many young parents at NLBC and an obvious care for these special ones.

Safety - Every child must be checked in and security measures are in place to be certain your child is taken care of in the best possible way.

Care - Your child will be clean and happy at the conclusion of the service. And you will find a sweet spirit in those taking care of your child.

The majority of nursery workers have been taught the basics of 

emergency care by a Certified Red Cross Instructor

For a Virtual Tour of the nursery click HERE

Super Church - Ages 4-11

Directly after Sunday School, all those ages 4-11 are dismissed for "SUPER CHURCH".

Associate Pastor Cory and Marcy Nelson teach these children a Bible lesson or Bible principle at their level of understanding. It is our desire to provide a strong foundation for what God may have planned for their lives.

Every child is sure to come out of "Super Church" knowing more of God's Word and excited about coming back the following week.

You just might be amazed at how much your children love Super Church!

Youth Group - Ages 12-Senior in High School

The youth group of NLBC, led by Assistant Pastor Joshua Barriger, and meets every Wednesday evening from 7:00-8:00. This time is filled with activities and a Bible message from Pastor Joshua that is applicable for the youth.

Bro. Joshua and Mrs. Diana provide plenty of activities throughout the year and they are all centered around growing spiritually. Activities are much fun, but the main emphasis is always God and his Word.

Wednesday Evening Kings Kids - Ages 6-11

6:30-7:00 every Wednesday Evening is meeting time for our Kings Kids Program. Led by Kendra Musmaker, this is a great time of learning Bible stories, memorizing Bible verses and fun activities. The children love wearing their shirts every week and marking off their cards of accomplishments. This is a great time of encouragement and accomplishment for these young people.