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3 and Under

The nursery is worked by several ladies of NLBC. These ladies have a heart for these precious little ones and it is evident in the organization and love put into this wonderful program. We have many young parents at NLBC and an obvious care for this special group of little ones.

Safety - Every child must be checked in and is given a card that is to be handed back in when picking up your child. This prevents a child being handed to someone who does not have authority to have your child.

The majority of nursery workers have been taught the basics of emergency care by a

Certified Red Cross Instructor

Ages 11-16

The youth group of NLBC, led by Assistant Pastor Josh and Diana Barriger, gathers every Wednesday evening from 7:00 - 8:00 for a spiritual challenge.

The youth group has activities throughout the year that help to encourage spiritual growth and dependency upon God.

Bro. Josh and Mrs. Diana provide plenty of activities for the youth and they are all centered around growing spiritually. Activities are fun, but the main emphasis is always godliness!

Ages 4-10

During the Sunday Morning Worship service this group of children are dismissed for "SUPER CHURCH".

Associate Pastor Cory and Marcy Nelson teach these children a Bible lesson or principle at their level of understanding as foundational for what God may have planned for their life

Every child is sure to come out of "Super Church" knowing more of God's Word and excited about coming back the following week.

(During our time of transition and construction we will not be dismissing the Children for Super Church. Once we have some noise barriers in place we will restart this program)